This was the question Susan asked me after another session of arguments and physical struggles with her boyfriend who insisted they should have a taste of the forbidden fruit before wedding.

For several weeks, the arguments had been on and it seemed Susan was about giving in to her boyfriend’s pressure since he threatened to leave her if she failed to comply.

Susan’s greatest fear was the shame that would follow if Julius should leave her. They were to get married in just 3 months’ time. Everyone knew Julius already and they all knew him to be a dedicated church brother who was not capable of breaking a sister’s heart. “Who will listen to my story?” Susan kept whispering to herself.

To make things worse, their families and friends were beginning to buy various designs of the uniforms (ASO-EBI) for the day. Susan was scared. She kept soliloquizing. “Julius must not leave me. I can’t face the shame of cancelling the wedding. After all, I have been keeping myself for him and he has finally committed himself to marrying me. We have picked a wedding date already. I should allow him.” This was Susan’s resolution before we met.

NOTE: Sisters, you are not keeping your body for just that guy. Heaven and earth is the Lord and all that is within it thereof. Your body is the temple of God. You are keeping your body in other to please God not man. Change your perspective!

Susan finally met me and asked the question above. Matthew 10:28 was the Bible passage the Holyspirit laid in my heart immediately. It says; Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell (NIV).

SISTERS, don’t be afraid of the guy who can call off his engagement to you because of your decision to please God with your body. Rather, fear the One who owns the body and can do what He pleases with it including you ending up in the lake of fire. We choose to FEAR & PLEASE GOD ALWAYS.

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Written by Ifeoluwa Akinbo

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