_It’s a new phase and a new face.
It’s a new dawn and it has dawned on us.
It’s a new season and a new session has begun.
It’s a new era and we have to run errands.
It’s a new release and we have been released.
It’s a new rain and it has rained on us.
It’s a new vision and we have regained our vision._


Over the years, i have learnt one very important thing and it has kept me moving.

Never try to do things your own way. The vision becomes clearer daily when you stick to His Divine Instructions and Directions.

Any attempt to stay out of God’s divine instruction and direction is a suicidal attempt.

I am a growing child of God but trust me I have moved far away from where i used to be.

I can boldly say, His divine instructions and directions have brought me this far.

Stay with God and stick to His directions!



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