MARY: Joan, please join me to pray for marital settlement. Do you know I will be 30 years old by December?

JOAN: I never stopped praying for you my sister. But i think we should figure out what the challenge is. Are brothers not coming around?

MARY: My sister, the ones that are coming are not God’s will.

JOAN: What do you mean?

MARY: Presently, four different brothers are asking me out but none of them is good for marriage.

JOAN: Really? Why is none of them good for you?

MARY: James is the first one. I can’t say yes to him because he is not my tribe. (Joan looks at her in amazement.) Moses is another one. He is short and too dark. I don’t even want my children to look like that.

JOAN: (Already laughing out loudly) I can’t believe these are your reasons.

MARY: Listen to the other two before you judge me sister.

JOAN: (Still laughing) Ok, I’m all ears.

MARY: Joel is the next one. I would have given him a second thought. But he doesn’t have a good job. He is always talking about his dreams. Is that what will put food on our table?

JOAN: (She sighs) Hmmmm…..So, who is the fourth brother?

MARY: Joan, you need to see this brother. He is a perfect description of the kind of man I have been praying to God for. He is good looking, hardworking, godly…

JOAN: (cuts her short.) So, why are you not saying yes to him? Have you sought God’s face?

MARY: The challenge is that we are too close. He is my very good friend. He knows and understands me too well. How can I marry that kind of person?

JOAN: I think your approach is incorrect. The fact that a brother is not your tribe does not make him less human or a child of God. Romans 8: 14 says “For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” Also, your judgment of that brother’s height and complexion was not good enough.

Have you forgotten that the Bible says, everything God created is beautiful? Joel does not have a good job now but he has a vision and he is obviously working towards it. Why not assist him to build that vision until it becomes real. And you are about to reject your closest friend because he knows you too well. Who should you have married if not your best friend? Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together except they agree?”

You need to plead for mercy my sister and return to God to find out which of them is right before you send your husband away with your own hands.


Written by Ifeoluwa Akinbo
Photo Credit: Internet


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