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The first thing to approach with respect to this topic is the meaning of prayer itself. We need to understand that prayer is not a monologue but a dialogue.  It is communication with our Maker. We have given prayer different meanings but there is a biblical definition given to prayer. In Luke 11 where Jesus gave a model for prayer, it wasn’t a monologue or request alone but an acknowledgment of God’s personality as a father, allowing his will and tendering of our request.

Prayer is a medium where life is transferred to us from the source. Prayer is connection and communication with my Father.  You know the worst thing that can happen to a staff in an employment is to know nothing about what the company is embarking on or needs to do at every point in time.

Prayer is getting the mind of the one who sent you on an assignment for you to understand how to go about the assignment.  Prayer is not a last resort but a first point of call.

Looking at it carefully, every day presents us with various reasons to pray. Everything is within the bounds of prayer. Nothing is too small or too big to pray about. Pray about that situation rather than talk about it.

Many times we feel prayer is what we use when there’s trouble but no prayer is a life… We live a life of prayer because the Bible says we should pray without ceasing.

  • I should pray because I am a woman on assignment and I must deliver according to specification. How do I deliver according to specification? By always getting instruction from the author of the assignment and the one with the manual.


  • I should pray because I am the light and the salt of the word and to establish this I must be in touch with my maker.


  • I should pray because I must change a wrong pattern.  The Bible says if my people that are called by name will humble themselves and PRAY I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land


  • I should pray because the Bible says we are satisfied or condemned by the fruit of our lips. Things that flash through our minds are not to taunt us but to show us how great God is… So I must through my words bring my dreams to pass


  • I should pray because generations are attached to me and God is counting on me to deliver those in bondage. Romans 8:19 the earnest expectation of the creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God


  • I should pray because I am a spirit being, who has a soul and live in the body. I pray through my spirit and God is spirit.. Therefore my spirit is nourished in the place of prayer


  • Why should I pray? I pray because the place of prayer is a place of healing, encounter and transformation. Divinity and humanity meets to discuss way forward on every matter you present


  • I pray because where there is no vision the people perish. I need revelation therefore I must commune with the giver of revelation


  • I should pray because I must stand in the gap for my nation and grow. The Bible says woe unto a nation whose leader is a baby. We are leaders in different capacities.



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