I had an interactive session with a number of ladies on whatsapp recently. Our chats were majorly on the dramas put up by ladies during proposals especially the “crying part.”  I simply asked, “Do you think it is right for a lady to cry when a guy proposes marriage to her?”

I got different interesting replies. Some felt it is simply immaturity. Some others said the ladies who cry were probably just overwhelmed with emotions while very few accept there is nothing wrong…I got several interesting replies.

A large number of ladies I interacted with believed they said YES to the relationship at the first place with marriage in view. So, his official proposal with a ring should not make them cry. (Beautiful mindset!)

As much as that is correct and I agree with it, I have a slightly different view. Truly, every lady saying YES to a man at the first place should only do that with the intention of marrying the man some day if God pleases. And right from day one, they should both prepare for marriage together. But does that take away the emotional part of a lady? NO! Women naturally express their emotions than men.

From my little research, I found out some of the ladies who cried did not cry because they  were not expecting marriage. But cried because they were overwhelmed with excitement which is mostly caused by the surprises behind the proposal. We react to surprises differently.

The best way some ladies express their emotions is through tears. Please allow them if they want to shed tears of joy. Let’s stop crucifying our sisters who cry at the surprises pulled by their men for the proposal dramas. It doesn’t make them less human or less spirit filled.

However, sisters it is not a tradition that you must cry when your partner proposes marriage with a ring. Hello, you don’t need to fake it! No one wants to see your tears. Show your excitement maximally but do not fake anything. It is even better if you don’t cry because we don’t want your make up messed up. Some ladies go to the extreme. They weep like they lost someone. Some even faint or run away. (lol)… what’s that? Whatsupp with the extremes now?

It is a thing of joy, so we should see more of your smiles please. Even if you are crying, it should be a moderate tear of joy mixed with laughter.

Watch out for the next on this series: MUST THE GUY PROPOSE WITH A RING?

Written by: Ifeoluwa Akinbo

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

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