The Wedding Gown is truly beautiful. It is the dream and joy of many single ladies. Even before meeting the lucky guy, some ladies would have downloaded several pictures of their dream wedding gowns as they wait to wear it someday. In my opinion, it is not a bad thing to have good dreams.

However, the desperation of young ladies these days is alarming. Everyone is in a hurry to wear the wedding gown. What is it about the wedding gown that we can’t wait for? Is it not better to wear it at the right time knowing fully well that you will have peace after wearing it?

Many no longer think about the life after the wedding gown. Let me remind you that the wedding gown is just for a day. Oh, a day is too long! The gown is worn for just few hours. In fact, with the new trend of Reception Dress, you may change the wedding gown at the reception. So, the real wedding gown is just for a part of the day. What happens after the wedding gown? Wedding gown may be for few hours but marriage is forever.

Your mates are burying their heads to read in school but you jumped out to run after the wedding gown. Now, you are a school dropout.

There were opportunities to acquire one skill or the other but you are busy thinking about how to win the heart of a man who can hurriedly acquire the wedding gown for you and take you to the alter. Now, you have learnt nothing.

Oh, you are always busy hanging out with him for lunch or dinner, so you have no time to learn how to cook. You are just after the wedding gown! Now, you cannot make any delicious meal.

There are several organized prayers, conferences and seminars for single sisters. You do not attend any. You spend no time investing prayers into your future home; husband and children. You are busy travelling around the country to meet his family members all because you cannot wait to wear the wedding gown.

The place of friendship and courtship is not in your relationship.  You keep saying, “We will understand ourselves after marriage.”  You have observed some warning signs that are clearly showing your incompatibility but you are neglecting them. You just want to wear the wedding gown soonest too.

Where is the place of God? You never even sought God’s face about him. In fact, you do not care about his salvation. “I will change him after wedding” has always been your thought. When have you suddenly become God who directs the heart of men? You cannot bypass your creator and expect to be at peace after wards.

The Wedding Gown is good and should be celebrated. However, be sure you are adequately prepared for the life afterwards. You don’t stop living after wedding. Life continues. Are you prepared for the life afterwards? Never put yourself under an unnecessary pressure when God is not pressurizing you! Take your time to be sure you will be happy afterwards. Your friends are getting married, I know. But you are created differently. To every thing (and everyone) there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecc. 3:1).

The Bible says, “God makes everything happen at the right time.” (Ecc. 3:11a) To everything under heaven, there is a time. Do not bypass God’s time to meet up with pressures. Don’t just run after the wedding gown. Patiently and prayerfully prepare for the wedding gown and the life after.


Written by: Ifeoluwa Akinbo

Photo Credit: Internet

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