My new phone was less than 3 months old when it got bathed in a chocolate cake. I had thought it was not a big deal so I only cleaned it with a tissue paper. Few hours later, I discovered my phone’s speaker had developed some issues as it no longer rang properly. I quickly removed the cover to clean the speaker area but nothing changed. I repeated the process of cleaning but my phone would not stop sounding like some funny birds in the bush. I got tired of repeating the boring process that never gave me the desired result. I concluded I would take it for repairs.

Unfortunately, three months later, I had been too busy to take it to anywhere. I had gradually accepted the present state of my phone and got adapted to using earphones until something interesting happened recently.

One night in the second week of the year, I was arranging the room and I needed to maximize the time by listening to the message “Gaining Spiritual Stature (Part 3)” by Apostle Joshua Selman. It was at about 1:00am and I did not want to use an earphone. I decided to play the message with my phone’s speaker. Lo and behold, I could not hear anything. My phone was sounding like an old cassette that needed its head realigned. I got tired at that moment and was determined to actually deliver the phone from all sorts of chocolate cake that had hindered its voice all the while. (Until you get tired of your present state, there may never be a better result.)

I patiently sat down with a sharp object and was determined to scratch out every obstacle on the speaker. Like every other time, few minutes into the process it appeared nothing was changing but I continued with so much determination to see it work. Sincerely, I almost gave up at some point thinking I was wasting my time on a thing that may never work. But I did not stop. I added a little more effort and I began to notice some changes in the sound. I became encouraged and added some more efforts until I achieved the desired result. My phone’s speaker got delivered after 3 months. (lol)

That experience thought me this lesson: Most times, we give up too quickly. We are in a hurry to leave without putting in more efforts. Persistence, hard work together with patience will take you a long way. The Bible says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. But it also says, “Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.” (Psalms 37:7 –NIV)

Keep trying until you get it right. Do not give up on your dreams this year. Just add more efforts and patiently wait upon the Lord to help you pull through. It may not look like it at the beginning but time will unveil the greatness if you persist.
To achieve the desired results in 2019, NEVER STOP TRYING!


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