“Sweetheart, please listen to me. My name is Daniel and not Davido. Your name too is Christianah and not Chioma. Truly, I wish I can give you all the financial assurance you want right now even before we marry. But for now, please accept the way I am. I have a greater assurance in Jesus that together we will build a financially steady assurance that will give us lifetime insurance. Christy my darling, please be patient with me. I love you so much.”

Daniel pleaded with his angry ranting fiancée.


“Please keep that your fake love to yourself. You keep telling me you love me for the past twelve months that we have been together, yet you are not paying me any monthly allowance like Bro Joel does to his fiancée. As if that is not enough, I can’t  afford the latest hair, bags and shoes in town simply because my fiancé keeps saying he is not financially buoyant yet. I even pay for my saloon expenses by myself every month and it never crossed your mind to order for any of these beautiful gowns advertised on Jumia for me. Tell me, is it not better to be single than be in a relationship with you waiting for a future assurance? Any assurance that is not insuring me now cannot give me lifetime insurance. Please, let me go!”

Christianah responded to her pleading fiancé.


“But Christy, I have not been that poor in giving. I send you call airtime regularly. I send you a token once in a while to take care of yourself. Although, not very expensive, I bought you a shoe and a bag for your last birthday too. Babe, I have been trying my best. Bro Joel earns thrice of what I earn dear. He can afford to throw a party daily if he wants. But please trust me enough to believe in my vision you appreciated that made you say YES initially. I may not have several millions to buy you a car or fly around the country with you. But by the grace of God, I am working hard and trusting God to make me get to my Canaan land soon. But I need you baby. I need you to walk with me and encourage me on this journey. Remember the Bible says, “Two are better than one for they have a good reward for their labour. Stay with me please. Let’s work, pray and trust God together.”

Daniel pleaded again.


“It is obvious you need a woman that will stay with you at Egypt. I am a woman of great future. I will not allow you to truncate it. I cannot stay in a relationship where my fiancé cannot spend his money on me. Did you just listen to yourself? You bought cheap gifts for me. I could not even show my friends. I better leave you. I am not ready for an endurance trek with any man. Chioma does not have two heads. I deserve an assurance too. Bye Daniel! May God give you a woman who will be willing to wait with you.”

Christy finally said as she walked out on Daniel. (Conclude the story in your imaginary world.)


This is how some ladies have missed their blessed, godly, potential husbands. Contentment and patience are very far from some ladies’ dictionary. They compare their relationships with their friends’ daily. Any man that cannot buy the latest online displays is a no go area to them. It is really funny how some of this ladies claim to be Christians. Babe, which Bible are you reading? King Solomon described all these things we are running after as “a chasing after the wind” in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Ladies, receive wisdom to understand the times and seasons in Jesus name! Please run the race with all diligence. You are not in competition with nobody but yourself. Place your priorities right.

Stop comparing your relationship with your friends’ or the social media show offs that you see! Be wise!


Written by: Ifeoluwa Akinbo

Photo Credit: Internet


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