How we met

I still remember vividly how I met my husband, the father of my beautiful kids early 2009. We boarded same bus and when it was my time to pay, the bus conductor told me someone had paid for me. When I looked at him, I was sure it was my first time seeing him.  I thanked him anyways. To my greatest surprise, we alighted at same bus stop. I walked up to him and told him to please remind me where he knows me from. He just smiled and said he knows my full family. I was dazed but I didn’t want our conversation to sound like an interrogation. I thanked him once again and we went our separate ways.

 I was so attracted to his fine chocolate skin and wished I had him for myself. I was so angry with myself for not collecting his number (I didn’t want to ruin my girly pride o jare)

Dreams do come true. In my base, there was this big Cyber Cafe I used to go to. In fact, I was friends with a lady that works there but I’ve never known the owner of the cafe. One faithful day, I popped into the cafe to browse (I was a regular customer), Lo and behold, I met Daniel sitted like a customer (little did I know). We got talking for a while and before I left he said, “you’ll be seeing more of Me.” in my mind, I said, “see this one oooo! Ask for my number o jare.” The next time I visited, (he wasn’t there but I wished he was) I asked the lady who he is and she said, “Melissa, u no no say na my Oga be that?” she said one wouldn’t know because of his humility. He didn’t want people to know he was the owner. We became friends, but I made it known to him that I was in a relationship. Visiting his cafe became a very regular thing for me. We had lots of long walks. He always got me cakes every Christmas for my birthday.

We got really close that we didn’t pretend about our characters. On several occasions when we and some few people were gisting at his Cafe, I yabbed him that he should get married cause he’s overripe for marriage. He told me, “I’m waiting for you, just get into the University.” Note: we weren’t even dating as per say and this was around 2011. I refused to believe him because I know men his age ought to have a serious relationship and I didn’t want to be a toy.

I got admission into the University October 2013, (was very single) and in November, Daniel came visiting. Then he reminded me of all he said to me few years back. I smiled with so much butterflies in my tummy. In August 2014, he called me and with a very serious tone said, “look, if you know you are not going to take me serious for marriage, tell me now.” For the first time ever, I took a male friend home. He met my parents in December 2014 as I did his. He finally said those words January 2015. We did introduction April and finally tied the knot September 2015. To God be the glory, we are blessed with a princess and a prince.

P. S. When I asked him how long he has known me and why he married me. His response baffles me till date. He said, “I’ve always been watching you since you were in secondary school wearing your brown school bag and crossed brown school shoes, you were always on your lane. I got married to you because you don’t pretend nor hold grudges.” The bottom line is that he was watching me all those years unknown to me. So no matter what you do, people are always watching and be proud of whom you are. Just be true to who you are.

Thank you LWD.

True Love Story by: Mrs Melissa Izoma Yusoof

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