I had applied to do my SIWES in Lokoja. SIWES is the program of industrial training for Nigerian Universities. I studied a 4 year course and my SIWES was in 300 levels.

 I decided to fast and pray for three days the week I started my SIWES in Lokoja. My prayer point was that God should reveal my husband to me and show me the way in life.

On the second day of the fast, God instructed me in a revelation to leave Lokoja the next day. My only concern after that revelation was how to continue my 6 months IT especially since I had started in Lokoja already.

However, I did not hesitate to obey.  I commenced the transfer processes at the school’s  IT office immediately. To God be the glory, it was approved. So, I travelled to Abuja the next day as instructed.

I decided to make my hair in other to appear presentable at the office where I was to start my SIWES.  But I needed a wave-on for my hair. I had sent my siblings but they returned empty handed with the excuse that they could not get it. So, I decided to go look for it myself not knowing it was God that was orchestrating my steps at that moment. (It is true that the steps of the righteous are ordered by God.)

There was a short route to the shop I was going to, but I mistakenly followed a longer route. I never observed someone was at the front of a house observing me. I was angry I missed my way when going and decided to follow the shorter route when returning. Unfortunately, I missed my way again and I found myself on the longer route. I felt bad and just wanted to get home quickly to make my hair and make proper preparations for the following day. Just at that moment, the guy who had been at the front of a house who I did not notice earlier stopped me to have a talk with me. Although I was in a hurry, I stopped to listen to him.

Guess what?

We became friends from that day and I am happily married to him today. I never regretted marrying him. He is caring, loving and a definition of a good husband. Thank God I obeyed His Divine leading.

My advice for the singles is that they should seek God first before jumping into marriage.

True love story written by: Mrs Yinka Ajiboye

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