Interviewer: Good Morning sir, Here is an online Interview from the Ladies With Difference.

My name is ‘Nife Emmanuel. Can we meet you?

Guest: My name is Bankole Tolulope Olalekan (aka Bankson)

Interviewer: You are welcome sir

My first question is, How long have you been Married?

Guest: 3years, 9months

Interviewer: Wow, Wonderful sir! How did you meet your Spouse?

Guest: I met her first in my dream on an April fool’s day (1st of April).

Interviewer: Wow… I guess you’ll be like, Is God playing Pranks on Me?

Guest: Yeah that’s the feels

Interviewer: What happened afterwards?

Guest: But the following week, I met one Pastor’s wife who approached me and asked about my relationship status. And I asked, hope no problem?

She said no, but God has been laying something in her heart about a lady. Anytime she sees the lady, her heart tells her she is just a replica of my mother and she would like me to meet her.

 In my mind I was just like…. Hmmmm see matchmaking machine. So I told her instantly that I’m not in any relationship but I already have the picture of my future wife. And I asked, do you have the picture of the person you are talking about here? She said no. But she has her number.

Interviewer: (little laughs) God of Precepts

Guest: What captured my attention was when she said, the lady looked like my Mom. I already heard that statement from 3 people that my wife will look like my Mom’s younger sister. The dream I had confirmed it and here is a woman we hardly talk, telling me the same thing

Interviewer: God at Work!

Guest: I collected the number, for her not to feel embarrassed and stored it on my Nokia e73 phone ( I love the phone) and forgot I even collected any number, not until 2weeks after. I was scrolling my WhatsApp DP pictures, just for me to see the picture of the person I met in my dream, dressed the same way i saw her in the dream

My heart just flipped…

Interviewer: My God! That’s serious! Let’s pause here Sir.

My Next question is, How did you fall in love?

Guest: Me I did not fall in love o…. I don’t like falling, but at first it was not about love but about God….And God is love so I found myself loving her day after day. I didn’t fall or slip into love. My love grew overtime.

Interviewer: Were there hurdles in the relationship, if yes How did you overcome it?

Guest: Yes there were, although very minor ones. We overcame it by the state of our mind (maturity) and understanding that, we both win or lose together.

Interviewer: How did you /are you sustaining your relationship?

Guest: Sustaining it by God’s grace and our commitment to make it work despite and in spite of whatever circumstances.

Interviewer: Thank you sir… I’ll like to ask a question outside the box…

Guest: Then we will take it inside the box.

Interviewer: When you met her, was there a time you felt like, Can this be true? Did you love and accepted what was presented to you at First…?

Guest: The feelings of can this be true is not just when we met, it lingered for a long time, even after marriage.  I didn’t love her at first but I accepted her the first time I met her.

Interviewer: Hmmm…This is rare. Accepting what was presented at first…  Or let me ask like this way,

Was your acceptance due to the fact that she was a physical clear picture of what you wanted in a lady, or it was because It’s all about God?

Guest: She isn’t the physical representation of my kind of person. But I had to go for what God said rather than my feelings.

Interviewer: Wow…I’m so Glad we could have this interview with you sir.

But before we call it a day, what is your advice for married and unmarried folks?

Guest: For the unmarried: Be watchful, sensitive and prayerful for direction before entering any relationship. Don’t enter first, then start doing the praying and watching

For the married: With God at the center, selflessness and commitment, all things work together for the good of them that loves God

 Interviewer: Thank you so much for your time sir.

From the Convener of the Ladies With Difference, we Pray Heaven will Continuously make your marriage a good role model for marriages in Jesus Name! (Amen)

We Celebrate You Sir.

Guest: You’re welcome

True Love Story by: Mr. Bankole Tolulope Olalekan (aka Bankson)


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