How we met

We actually met each other while on campus. We were in the same department, level and attending same church. Funny you can say, but been dutiful in the service of God in different device unit was the beauty of it, I was in Crowd control unit while she was in Ushering of Living Faith Church. At one point, both of us were head of the units with considerable unit members and great performance record.

I sort for a wife who would love the Lord and be dutiful as this would be my line of call and purpose.

How I knew she was the one

I actually knew her via a vision of the day while we were in 200level, I summoned up courage to speak with her but she rejected my offer even till we finished our studies in 2010.

When she did not accept, I decided to go back to God to give me another woman since she wasn’t willing to accept but God kept quiet. Every other lady I took to him to confirm was not acceptable to Him because I had this particular pattern of prayer with him daily saying “God, if this lady I have is not part of your plan for me, no matter how much I try to make her mine, let it never work” and “wherever my wife is, if she is engaged to another, break them and bring her to me” he always heard it because I tried several others and it never worked out well. When we finally met again in 2016, she also just ended another relationship she was and was waiting on God to bring her man. I proposed in March and she agreed in April because I took the case to God that not again must she go except she was not the right one from the beginning of creation.

Our convictions

I had 2 broad visions about her and the Holy Spirit kept reminding me that anyone can marry anyhow but I can’t marry anyhow. Due to this, I was relaxed that she was coming back. At that time, she was waiting on God to answer her by bringing the right man first because then she had two closer men and as God would have it I called her first and requested for a hangout.

From the very first moment we started our relationship, we made ourselves understand some things

* That there is never a perfect relationship but the partners work out their differences.

* Made Hebrews 13:4 our watchword making it clear that “no sex, romancing or kiss till when married”

* Every discord must be settled before we go to bed

Though we faced a lot of challenges, God finally settled us in marriage in March 2018.

God has been faithful; we have always cherished our moments together till date.

True Love Story by: Mr Temidayo Ashaolu

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