(The interview was by Victoria Adenaiye of Ladies Refinery)

Q: What is your view about valentine?

A: Valentine’s Day is remembering the sacrifices made by a Man who died years ago. He secretly wedded and counsel couples against all odds. Even when there was a law in place that wedding should not be conducted. To me, He was doing the will of God and not Man, because, Marriage is God’s will for us. The union between Christ and the Church is marriage.

Q: Should we only show love to our spouse/boo on valentine day alone?

A: Love should be shown to all. 1Jn 4:11-12

Q: What is love?

A: Love is defined in these 4 terms: Passion, Pleasure, Sacrifice and Commitment. That’s our definition of love.

Q: Why should we love in the first place?

A: God is love. His word says in 1Jn 4:10… This is love, not that we loved God but that he first loved us… He sent his only son to redeem us from sin and death. That alone is more than enough reason to love others

Q: What is love in terms of marriage, relationship and courtship?

A: Love in terms of marriage is sacrificing, deriving pleasure, to be committed and passionate about each other.

Q: Who is to show love most among couples and singles in a relationship?

A: Love should be mutual

Q:  Can love be true or perfect?

A: True love is perfected in Christ Jesus.

Q: Why is love intoxicating the singles?

A: When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse they say is inevitable. Truly, Valentine’s Day has destroyed the lives of many especially teenagers and youths. Love is intoxicating the singles because they don’t know what love is. It’s like giving a child a match box and fuel.

Q: What kind of love should singles demonstrate at courtship?

 A: During courtship, Agape love should be demonstrated. They should see each other as Siblings. Of course, siblings don’t engage in immoralities with each other.

 Q: Is love respect?

A: YES, Love is Respect!!

Q: What is romance?

A: Romance is being intimate in a sexual way. It involves kissing, pecking, etc

Q: Does God approve romance in courtship?

A: God does not approve Romance in courtship. His word tells us that the bed should be undefiled, knowing that our body is his temple. ROM 12:1

Q: What advice do you have about romance to the youths, singles and ladies?

A: My advice to the upcoming as regards Romance is that… Never watch indecent movies, pictures, etc either alone or together with your intending partner. It would give rise to thoughts in your minds and gradually, it will manifest into physical acts.

Q: Please can you share little about your love life?

A: LOL! Our love life in one word is Indescribable!

Q: How are you able to handle your fiancee’s weak points?

A: Whenever she does something wrong, I call her attention to it immediately and if she persists, we go to the bible for confirmation. But, Humility is key in achieving peace.

Q: How does she handle yours?

A: She’s soft hearted, she will let me be after correcting me and then when I fall into a ditch, she will be right there assisting me and reminding me of her corrections.

Q: How did you approach her?

A: I approached her after summoning enough courage. I asked her to come out of her hostel that I wanted to see her. It was on a Saturday morning. I started sweating all of a sudden and I became a Stammerer. However, the message was communicated. We became so shy… Her response was that, she would think about it.

Q: How did she respond?

A: She was shy and speechless. After a long while, she said she would think about it.

Q: What did you love about her most?

A: Her personality! Everything about her is conveying a message. She’s humble, caring, kind and loving and above all, willing to learn and be corrected.

Q: What’s your view about marrying from another tribe?

A: Am Igala by tribe while she’s Ebira by tribe both from Kogi state, Nigeria. I’m a Believer and I truly believe God’s word which says in Rev 5: 9b That His Blood has redeemed us out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation. So, YES, we are from different tribes and different cultural beliefs but the Blood of Jesus has paved way for us. We had so many challenges, even from parents but we scaled through to the glory of God!

Q: What’s your view about knowing the will of God?

A: Months into our relationship, we had issues arising and wanting to tear us apart which led us to asking God for his will on our relationship. I got a confirmation and days later she got hers too. Very similar and the same message!

Victoria: Wow! This is so interesting. Thanks a lot for your time sir. God bless you! Hope to meet you next time.


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