It is her first birthday as a MRS and we have chosen to celebrate her here.
Mrs. Godswill Obaga Omale is a passionate lover of God who I love and respect so much. You have been a huge blessing to me and everyone around you. Your courage and carriage are exceptional. You are truly a lady with a striking difference. You are one of the few persons who challenged the writer in me and helped to birth this website. You bring out the best in everyone. May God keep strengthening you in Jesus name!

Godswill happily waved singlehood bye bye on the 8th of December, 2018 when she got married to her sweetheart, Mr. Solomon Omale. Godswill is a bundle of testimonies and a proof that God is still in the business of settling His dedicated daughters.

Below are few comments and wishes from some of her friends.

Godswill is love personified. She is a careless giver who has a true heart of a mother. Happy birthday Mama willz!


Happy birthday Dear Godswill!

Thanks for checking up on me as a married woman and thanks for being a blessing to everyone around you…I pray God blesses you beyond measures…Sending love your way!


Mrs. Godswill is a loving, mighty prayer warrior. She is a woman that cares. She is spiritually inclined; Deborah of our time! Happy birthday honey. I love you so much.


Happy birthday ma! I pray that you enjoy God’s love and may your laughter never seize.


Your fashion sense is amazing. You don’t do things because others are doing it. But you operate in an understanding of your time.

You are unique and beautiful inside/out…I celebrate and love you ma.

Happy birthday mamaly!


Happy birthday to a woman of sight, substance and virtues, a diehard lover of God, ever smiling Mrs Omale, a gift to our generation and a blessing to generations unborn. This new season will birth greater things, excel in the Lord your delight birthday woman.


I will forever cherish the day I met you. I had plans, so many plans, but their growth got stunted when you started to teach us in your own little ways. You’ve always been my icon ma. You’ve been a huge support ma, my mentor and tutor. Its been less than 50 days since the year started but you’ve thought me a lot that would last for years. My prayers for you today is that this becomes a total new phase ma, that the light of God continues to shine upon your home and your husband. What eyes have not seen nor ears heard would be the order of your day through this year, that the lord uncloses new opportunities and doors for you, and that the amount of love you’ve given out would come back in folds ma… I honour grace this day!


This last one is from a dramatic friend of the celebrant…so funny!

Godswil: Oluchi, are you home?

Me: Yes

Godswil: toh I am coming, “cookah” that your jollof rice for me

Me: (with a wicked smile) no wahala. (Minutes later, she arrives)

Godswil: Oluuuuuchi! How far na?

Me: Godswil I dey O!

Godswil: kai, if you know what I learnt today at that my home management class……..

At that point she starts to talk. I’m not exaggerating. It becomes as though I don’t know anything. I sit as if someone poured cold water on me.

THIS IS AN ASPECT OF GODSWILL!!! Always a teacher that is ready to teach!

Guess what? At the end of the day, I bring my garri, she gives me money to buy sugar and groundnut and we take it with so much laughter! Jollof ko!

G-babie I do not forget all the experiences in a hurry. They molded me and made me who I am. Thanks for being a teacher and a friend! Happy birthday Godswill Omale Obaga!!!


From all of us at Ladies With Difference, we love and celebrate a woman of great virtue who is a great influence to her generation. Keep soaring ma! May You never fail God! We love you so much and we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS OMALE!               

Compiled by: Ifeoluwa Akinbo

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