My love story started on the 14th 0f December, 2012. I was in the bank when my phone rang and I picked the call and told the caller that I’ll call back in few minutes time. Typical of me, I forgot to call back. Later in the evening the person called back and introduced himself as a friend from Facebook.  I was like “Oga and so what?” He said he was searching for a friend and saw my picture on people you may know. Boom! He immediately had the feeling that I’m his wife (story for the gods, I thought …lol). We laughed over it and talked about other things before ending the call.

I immediately went online to check his profile then I found out he was a final year medical student.  I immediately told myself that I can’t even be friends with him because I DISLIKED doctors with a great passion especially the young ones. It may probably be because of their attitudes (my opinion though). I had turned down so many requests from them in the past so this wasn’t going to be an exception. The next day, 15th was my birthday. He called and sent messages which I reluctantly said a thank you to. We kept talking, chatting and I found out that I was getting closer to him…Mogbe! (lol) I jokingly told him one day while we were talking that it seemed he was using jazz because the original me would not even pick his call again.

I discovered that I was falling for him so with all sincerity I prayed like Gideon. I told God to take away the feeling of peace that I have if he’s not my husband.  Hmmm… my people, come and see the way God’s peace was flooding my heart for a doctor (covers face…lol). I wasn’t convinced yet so I prayed that if he truly was my husband he shouldn’t call me for 2days, I waited for Bros to call me but he didn’t call me for 2days and when he eventually called he said he was busy all through. ..Seriously? Who says such to a lady?

After the prayers, I finally agreed to be his girlfriend on some conditions we both agreed to and also making sure we knew our medical history. He finished medical school and I wrote jamb to study nursing science, admission list came out and I found my name in the Department of Health Education courtesy of Bros who had prayed that if I’m truly his wife then I should be a teacher because he had always dreamt of marrying one. He asked me to marry him immediately I resumed for the first semester but I declined insisting that I wanted to complete my education in my father’s house. He got a job in Bauchi which was far from Delta state where I stayed but our relationship was like we were seeing each other every day. We called, messaged and visited regularly. We had our ups and downs but we quickly sorted them out.

I graduated June 2017 and I’m really proud to be a teacher. On Saturday, 6th of January 2018, he proposed to me again this time in the presence of my family and I said YES,

We fixed our wedding for May 24th & 26th of that same year and we have been happily married since then. We thank God for what He has done, what He is doing and the greater things He will do in our lives.

True Love Story by: Mrs F. I

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