The BEST man in my life was my secondary school senior. He was three years ahead of me in school. While we were in school, he was the chapel prefect. He loves preaching, especially during moral inspection gatherings since he was in charge of it. Also, he was the Scripture Union leader in our school. This made him punish any student that fell short of the school’s moral standards. And some of us hated him for that.

Meanwhile, whenever he stood to preach during our morning devotions, girls would be admiring him because he is very handsome and has pink lips. Yet I wasn’t too comfortable with him because each time we met, he would asked me if I had given my life to Jesus (I admired him very well each time he preached to me in an open field). But I couldn’t tell him how much I love his disciplined life style.

After some time, he left secondary school for his university education. I so missed him that I began to look for his contact in order to keep in touch with him, not knowing that he was also looking for my own contact.

Interestingly, we got the contact of each other and kept communicating but from a far distance because I got admission into the Federal University Lokoja while he was in one the universities at the Eastern part of Nigeria studying Psychology, I was in Federal University Lokoja studying English and Literary Studies. We usually saw each other once in a while and any time this happened, both of us would be very happy. Our friendship continued growing and everything about us became more interesting to each other.

My husband didn’t propose to me after some years of our friendship because he wanted to get clear confirmations from God. During the time of our friendship, suitors were coming to me. I had more than 7 suitors, most of which were pastors yet I wasn’t convinced that any of them was my husband. But before my SUGAR proposed to me, I had already had the conviction from God that he is my husband. I waited patiently for him to propose. It really took time (more than 4 years) before he proposed to me.

Meanwhile, I had already shared my conviction that God wants to bring us together as husband and wife with my mum and few of my close friends, like Amina Sani before he finally proposed to me.

Finally, my SUGAR proposed to me. This happened during his service year when I was in three hundred levels at the university. I was super excited that this young handsome man had finally proposed to me. And we got wedded on 6th of October, 2018. Now, we are not just friends but SUGAR+ HONEY+ SUGAR+HONEY= SUPER SUGARHONEY. Lolz!!!

True Love Story by: Mrs. Loveth Okoroma

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