I met my husband, Michael through a friend of mine named, Tolulope Bello Nee Owolabi. Tolulope has been my friend from my first day at Osun State Polytechnics,  Iree. We studied the same course and were roommates in ND 2. After ND, we kept in touch till date.

In October, 2015, Michael came to ask Tolulope out not knowing that Tolulope had had her introduction ceremony already and was preparing for her wedding. Lolz!

She told him that she can’t be in relationship with him because she had done her introduction.  My hubby asked if she had any friend that was single and searching.  She replied that she had three friends and she showed him our pictures. Hmmm! He said he was interested in me but I was not so beautiful to the taste he desired (being plump and busty) and my friend vouched for me that I was good beyond the physique and she added that he may never get a perfect lady with all the tastes he wanted. He got my number from my friend and my friend informed me that he gave her friend my number. I reluctantly agreed.
He called me, we got talking and we later fixed a date to see each other.

I remember that day, 21st of October where I went to meet him. Sincerely, I was surprised because he was not the stature I was expecting. I expected a well built man, a little taller than I am who has a broad chest. (Is that not the dream of most ladies? Lolz…) Immediately, I set my eyes on him, I was like “Eledumare! (A Yoruba name for God)  What is this now?” Hahaha… Reluctantly, we exchanged pleasantries. While I was with him, I had concluded in my mind that he was not my spec. We talked at length though and I took him to where I lived after our meeting. He met the woman I was living with and he was well entertained. He stated his intention and told me if it is God’s will, we will be together forever. We agreed to go seek God’s face over it.

I told my parents and my mum’s elder sister who is like a big mummy to me. They were also praying along with me. I did my part in praying. I decided not to go to any prophet.  I’m also an Oracle of God. I believe I can talk to Him and hear Him. (Jer 33:3). He did not go to sleep too but was praying. My good friend, Tolu also joined us in prayers.
My prayer then was; “Oh Lord, if it is your will and plan for me and Michael to be together as husband and wife, let there be unending love between us but if it is not your will for us to be together let there be a separation between us as we embark on this journey.”

As the journey went on, we encountered so many challenges ranging from
church differences to many others. He attends Cherubim and Seraphim and I was a member of CAC. My Dad insisted I cannot marry him. But my then fiancé, Michael said to me one day that “as long as the Lord lives and He is the foundation of our relationship, your Dad will surrender to God’s will.” He emphasized that I should let my mind be at peace and I agreed too.

Along the line, I introduced him to members of my family and friends.
Some friends were suggesting that I should get pregnant so that my dad
will agree by force. We never yielded to what friends were saying because we believed that God was in control.

Some friends even advised that I leave him and find a better person
because my level of education was higher than his but I refused to yield to their advice because I know the plan of God for my life (Jer. 29:11). Another consolation is that my husband has always been a diligent and hardworking person.

As the heat of tension from my dad got higher, we began to get so many admirers too. Yes, he had ladies asking him out too! But he never yielded.

There were financial challenges too but we agreed together in prayers and God opened a better way unto him. Although we are not perfect because we are humans, we do have disagreements once in a while but we resolve it before the new dawn.

We had our introduction in September, 2017 and we got wedded in September, 2018. We know we are still on our way to better days but we thank God for what He has done in our lives. We know He is working all things out for our good and taking us to the next level by his grace in Jesus Name. (Amen)

True Love Story by: Mrs Damilola Ogunwobi Nee Kasali

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