My love story all started on the 29th December, 2014 while at my cousin’s wedding.

After all sort of abuses from someone I thought was the will of God for me because I refused to give him my body (sex). I can remember one of his statements that “I can’t marry what I don’t know” I had to let him go when I realized he was just a hypocrite. Thank God for the Holy Spirit that made me figure out this on time while waiting upon Him.

 While viewing with my sister’s tablet at the wedding, someone was just there watching at this beautiful damsel (his missing rib) as the event was going on. When I decided to get back to my seat, someone tapped me and said my attention was needed. I stopped, behold! It was someone I knew for a long time who never talked about any love affair or showed a sign. I bent and greeted him, he answered and asked me a few questions which I answered but not related to love affair

Not knowing he has communicated with His maker before coming for this wedding which he was among the groom’s friends

Before I forget, while I was entering the church before the wedding commenced, I had a strong feeling that I will hook up with somebody here but I shunned the voice.

After the exchange of the marital vows he left. But before living, he came to my seat to bid me farewell. The moment our eyes met, my heart beat was beating faster than the normal and my body chemistry changed at once but I was still rebuking it Until I heard a call at the early hours of 1st January, 2015 which I don’t know where he got my number from.

Also messages of blissful outing. Trust ladies naa…… (Not to be that cheap)  I put deaf ear to them despite knowing he was the one but I still told him I needed to consult my father (God) first to be sure of which he gave me a go ahead. Thank God for making it possible for us to settle down as husband and wife today. To God be the glory!

True Love Story by: Mrs. J

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