Every year, everyone has a plan or the other for February 14th, Valentine Day. Most times, the plans revolve around teaching about love, showing love or organizing/attending a get together to celebrate love. As much as Valentine never rang a very special bell in my head, I had usually complied with the general celebrations and tagged along with the touch of red dress code not really because I loved the whole drama but more because I love celebrations generally.

Earlier this year while ruminating over what to do for 2019 Valentine Day, I was typically blank. I wasn’t blank because I did not have any love related topic in my head to teach on Ladies With Difference but because I did not want to do any usual routine that will make no difference. I gave up on thinking and just prayed instead. Few days later, I was in the kitchen cooking when the Lord laid a concept in my heart. At first it looked funny but I immediately ran inside to pen it down. The more I meditated on it, it got clearer and I got more convinced that that was what God would have me do for Valentine. I shared it with my friend and we started planning it together.

Sculpt Creative Concepts (You can check them out here: https://sculptcreativeconcepts.com.ng/) helped out with the design within a twinkle of an eye. I immediately prayed over it with my friend before announcing it on our social media pages. (Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you have not) Unlike the usual me who may not put so much effort of posting everyday into a programme, I did for this particular one. I uploaded on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram almost every day. The amazing part was that I was not the only one doing that. My ever supportive members of Ladies With Difference were doing the same.

But guess what? Till 12:00am on the 13th of February, I received only one love story. Although I never voiced it out, I was a little discouraged. How do I publish just one story after all the announcements? I kept thinking. I almost gave up on the love stories but something happened. I had just finished praying at about 3:00am on the 13th of February and was about to sleep when the Holyspirit reminded me that the idea was never mine at the first place. God laid it in my heart. It immediately dawned on me that after receiving the idea, I did not go back to the Initiator to ask for the formula to apply. (Until you apply the right formula, you will never get the right result. God is the custodian of the formula you need.) I quickly jumped out of bed and began to pray. In just few minutes, He directed me on what to do. He gave me the formula! Without hesitation, I applied it and in less than 24 hours our True Love Stories were published.

Most times, we struggle to do things we could have done with ease simply because we fail to ask God. The Bible says in Psalms 46:1 that, God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. He may not act until you ask because He has instructed us in His Word to ask. God is interested in every area of our lives and wants the best for us but He will not intrude until we invite Him and ask for His help.

Another amazing thing that happened was that I originally had it in mind to publish 10 stories only but I intentionally did not include that in the flier. When it turned out that I had just 1 story, I began to reduce my standards and I thought even if we are able to get two more, it would be enough. But when God stepped in at the 11th hour, we published exactly 10 stories! You do not need to give up on that beautiful dream, just go back to God and ask for the right strategies to apply. When God steps in, He turns things around. Invite Him into your life, marriage, business, career, education, relationship and everything today!

The publications would not have pulled through if God had not strategically placed some wonderful people around me who helped to birth it. A big thank you to all the couples and intending couples who happily shared their love stories with us. May God keep your homes and relationships in love in Jesus name! To my ever supportive friend, Bamisaye Ayodeji, thank you for helping out on this project. You are a rare gem! Also, a special appreciation goes to everyone who had to interview some couples; Sofela Deborah Ifeoluwa, Victoria Adenaiye, Mary Ayeni and Nife Emmanuel. May God bless you in Jesus name! It was not humanly easy working within that space of time but the Holyspirit helped us. Thank you Jesus!

Never give up on your God-given dreams! Stay focused and stay glued to God for directions and watch out for your miraculous breakthrough! We had a beautiful True Love Stories Publication and the feedbacks have been amazing! Go and read them if you have not! ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD FOR THE SUCCESS!

Written by IFEOLUWA AKINBO (Founder, Ladies With Difference)


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