This is a continuation of the series I started on engagement rings. This one is to answer the question; MUST THE GUY PROPOSE WITH A RING?

From Ifeoluwa’s point of view, it is not a must that the guy proposes with a ring. Sincerely, if rings are rushing you and marriage is far from the view, the goal has been forfeited.

Most of our parents never got the ring kind of proposal anyway. So, if he is getting married to you and he is not thinking about the ring drama, he is not unholy.

I know some guys do not fancy engagement rings just like some ladies don’t too.

However, it depends on your choice. Relationship thrives on communication. So, this should be part of your discussion guys. You should know what you are expecting. Aunty, if you want an engagement ring and it seems Uncle does not like it, you should know and agree on the way forward.

I know some of my Christian brothers will not even think of buying engagement ring…lol. Don’t blame them. They are only being spiritually spiritual.(lol…not an excuse though). The best assurance some of them will give you is the Word of God.

Of course, I have heard stories of brothers proposing with Bibles, flowers and other things. That sounds interesting though but i don’t think i want such. (lol) Brothers, please be sensitive to the desires of our sisters. If she wants a ring and you can afford it, please buy it for her and let peace reign.

Sister, if brother says he cannot afford a ring and you just want to wear an engagement ring before marriage like some other ladies you know, get yourself a fine one from the market. Just give it to him to put on your finger. (That settles it.)

The point is, it is not mandatory to include the proposal drama on your journey to marital bliss. It is a matter of choice. The main thing is your preparations towards spending the rest of your lives together.

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Written by: Ifeoluwa Akinbo


  1. Salome Mbah

    I don’t think it is MUST for an engagement ring. The most important thing is the heart that beats as one. And the path that has Jesus as the guide. I know a lot of couples that got married without engagement rings.. The ring isn’t the guarantee that you will end up married or that the relationship will be blissful.

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