Like the Bible says, there is time for everything. To everything under heaven, there is an appointed time and He makes everything beautiful in His own time (Ecclesiastes 3).

God’s timing most times does not correspond with our definition of time. But one thing is certain, His timing is perfect.

In 1 Samuel 1, Hannah has been going to Shiloh every year for several years. I also believe she has not been going there to play but to pray. However, over the years it looked like God had shut His ears against her cries. The Bible even recorded in 1 Samuel 1: 5-6 that the Lord had shut her womb.

I can only imagine how many nights Hannah would have shut herself in crying bitterly. Her husband loved her and would even give her double portion of meats for sacrifice. But that was not enough for Hannah! She expected a particular manifestation in her life at that moment according to human timing but it was not coming forth. She wanted a CHILD!

Whereas in God’s calendar, it was not yet time to bring forth the Miracle Child, “Samuel” who will become a prophet for His people.

When God is bringing forth a miracle child, He brings them in a special way. (i.e. Moses, Samson, Solomon, John the Baptist and Jesus)

The Bible says the children of Issachar understand the time and season (1 Chronicles 12: 32). As Christians, understanding the times and season of God helps our walk with God and makes the journey of life easier.

For Hannah, a particular year came that was God’s set time for her womb to be set loose. God needed the child to come at a particular time because He had the child’s future in mind. He couldn’t have allowed Samuel to come at Hannah’s time because it will not tally with the time of his assignment on earth. So, although Hannah was praying for a child, God had her interest in mind and wanted the best for her. So, He waited for His own time. (Hello, God has your interest at heart. Trust Him!)

Have you ever pictured that if Hannah did not go to Shiloh that year, she probably would have missed or delayed God’s blessing for her life. But her challenge did not hinder her worship.

 She was in the presence of God crying and praying. Some of us give up praying over that issue too quick. The truth is that your requests are tabled through prayers. So, if you stop tabling your requests, it simply means you are no longer interested in the results. Never stop praying! Consistency at the place of prayers births results while inconsistency delays result. Hannah was consistent at Shiloh and God’s set time met her there.

Also, when it is God’s set time, He places an anointed, divinely selected individual(s) around us to activate His blessings upon our lives. It takes the help of the Holyspirit and spiritual sensitivity to identify this person(s).

For Hannah, Eli was divinely placed there to pronounce God’s blessing upon her. (You should have asked, “Has Eli not been seeing her all these years?” It is very possible he has been seeing her but when it is God’s set time, you are strategically positioned to be located.

Be sensitive enough to identify the blessing activators God will bring your way. There are seasons in our lives. To every season, there is an appointed time already. Do not be too fast or too slow. Align yourself to divine timing! Pray that God helps you to understand the time and season like the Children of Issachar.

Always remember that He makes all things beautiful at His time but you also need to play your part by trusting Him, serving Him and praying.

Has this happened to anyone?

You trusted God for a particular thing like admission, life partner, job, child…etc for a long time and when it eventually came, you began to thank God that it never happened when you desperately wanted it because you would have mismanaged it.

(You can share your story with me in the comment section below.)


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