THE 360 DEGREE LADY 1 by Ruth Asake

Who is a 360 degree lady?

She is the kind of lady who goes round the circle. It doesn’t mean she is confused. NO!

Mathematics teaches us that a circle is 360 degrees. Yea, a 360 degree lady goes around the circle! It means she is called to a life of balance, she is a lady whose touch you can’t recover from, she is a replica of the Proverb 31 woman.

A 360 degree lady never leaves a place the way she meets it. She leaves her foot print on the sand of time. She understands that first, she is a Spirit being. She has the mind of her maker and so this knowledge gives her the confidence to touch things and people and they never remain the same.

She understands that people are to be loved and things are to be used. She never makes the mistake of interchanging them. This lady understands her place. She does not cross the line. Yes! She has unspoken feelings of hurt, fear, dues and appointments but she dominates these feelings because they do not define her.

She goes round the circle patting every area of her life and making sure it is okay. She connects with her maker to keep her spiritually. She is an intellectual. She adds to her knowledge often. She does not take relationships for granted in fact she keeps them in the middle of her life. She is domesticated. The works of her hands are blessed. She pays close attention to her looks and makes sure she is not just going with the trend but setting the trend and being modest.

This lady knows what she is bringing to the table. Let’s talk about Queen Sheba in the book of Kings. This queen heard about King Solomon and his relations. She paid him a visit and despite the riches of King Solomon, this queen did not come empty handed. She brought talents of Gold, large quantity of spices and precious stones. Never again were so many spices brought in as those the queen of Sheba brought to King Solomon.

Do you know what this means? She made a difference in the life of the king despite his splendor and majesty through her generosity, she had a beautiful heart.

This is what a 360 degree lady does. She is full of wisdom; godly wisdom. Whatever her hands find to do, she does it well. She is the kind of lady you cannot resist. She is irresistible. She is accommodating. She gives smiles for free irrespective of what she is going through. Her kind of beauty is unique, she has glowing eyes which is the window to her beautiful soul. She easily forgives just like her Maker. The 360 degree lady can be any lady, yes! Any lady who is ready to go round the circle, any lady whose mind is set to be different in her own way, any lady who doesn’t settle for the regular is a 360 DEGREE LADY!



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