HOW GOD TURNED HER STORY AROUND – (The testimony of Sister Grace)

Her name is Grace.

Early last year (2018), she was in a serious relationship with a brother and they were hoping and planning to marry before the end of the year. She loved the guy and he acted like he loved her too. Like every other lady in love, she was excited about her relationship until something happened…

She traveled with her fiancé to visit his parents at a time and his father insisted she cannot marry the young man. You also wonder why? Because some prophets said so…

Whereas the relationship was flourishing well and they had sought God’s face before they started. Every effort made to convince the father was in vain as he refused to agree.

We started to pray. “Oh Lord, intervene and convince this man please!”

I respect this sister’s prayer strength so much! All through those trying moments, she was praying and trusting God. I joined her on few occasions and some other spiritual leaders too.

Despite our prayers, her relationship gradually began to fall apart…

I really pitied her and felt bad for her at some point but what could I do as a human than pray?

The man started giving attitudes. He wanted to obey his father and not a lady I guess…

I remember on one occasion, she called him repeatedly and severally for days but he refused to answer her calls. He ignored her messages and all too. (See what love can do to us o!)

Everyone in a relationship, may the devil not destroy your relationship in Jesus name!
Everyone trusting God for a life partner, may the Lord bless you with a godly man with a good heart in Jesus name! (Amen)

One day, he finally cut off from her. The relationship ended.

I was a little sad when she called to tell me it was over. But I had an assurance God was preparing a better package.

You know what they say, When a man takes off his own mat, God spreads His own.
Is God’s own not better?

Always remember this; Every disappointment by a man to a child of God is an appointment to a greater height!

This whole drama happened in March/April last year (2018). They were supposed to wed before the end of the year. But the relationship ended.

But in July of the same year, something else happened…..

When a man ends his relationship with you but your relationship with God is still intact. Be sure of a miracle!

Also, one of the ways you can receive speedy miracle from God is by drawing nearer to Him. A lady who knows God, serves and submits herself to His leadership will surely enjoy divine intervention and direction.

One of the things I sincerely love about this sister all through this period was her attitude to prayers. She never gave up on God. She resolved to consistent prayers.

Always remember that whatever God cannot do, can never be done. He is capable of doing all things!


One day while she was praying, she had a revelation. In the revelation, the Lord instructed her not to settle for a married man or a man who wanted her to be pregnant before marriage. There was another man who the Lord revealed to be her husband but she didn’t see the man’s face in the revelation.

Truly, the first two men existed in Grace’s life but the third one did not.

There was a married man who was asking her out. (Never say YES to a married man!)

There was another man who insisted she got pregnant before he married her. (Never say YES to such man too. It is simply fornication.)

But there was no other man in reality to her.

Sometimes, God promises you something in Revelations, dreams or prophecies and they look like they are not coming to past. Sister, just hold on. God comes late sometimes when He wants to come big. He has not forgotten you. Keep trusting Him, He will do all that He promised.

In July, it happened finally…

There was this friend of hers she never paid attention to. He was her choir director sometimes ago.  He had asked her out when she was in school but she told him to wait till after school.  After school, she told him to wait till after service year but during service year was when she met that other man who eventually left her.

This Uncle had truly been waiting o!

May God bring the right people to you at the right time in Jesus name! (Amen)

This brother had been calling but she paid no attention.

Please, pay attention to those little persistent calls…(lol)

Somehow, she began to pay more attention to his calls and began to pay attention to the goodness in the brother…

They gradually built friendship.

Then the miracle began to happen.

They had their introduction on the 27th of October, 2018 and her wedding is just around the corner.

The whole of the man’s family accepted her happily.

Right now, a larger percent of the things she would be using for the wedding were sent from abroad. God had been supernaturally providing the things needed for the wedding. The man loves and cares for her so much that she said she can’t stop thanking God.

The Lord did it for Sister Grace!!! He is settling others who will trust Him too!

Listen the Bible says, When the Lord restored the captivity of Zion, they were like they that dreameth! The most tragic thing that can happen to you is to give up on God. If you have been far away from Him, please get back to Him now because He is the only one who can save you. The Lord still answers prayers!

Intensify your prayers rather than intensifying your worries. You can’t expect a miracle from a man you don’t know. KNOW GOD! Give yourself to the study of His Word! Believe His Word! Obey His Word! Pray with His Word! Hold unto His Word! (Joshua 1:8)

Thanks for sharing your testimony with us Sister Grace! May the Lord perfect everything that concerns you in Jesus name!  Testimonies shall never cease in your home in Jesus name!

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Narrated by: Ifeoluwa Akinbo


  1. Faith

    Thanks for sharing your journey sister, God’s will most times comes wrapped in packages that may not really be beautiful… Sensitivity is key

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  2. philomina Bitrus

    wow tnx for sharing ur experience sis.. am so motivated, God indeed is a miracle working God..I will keep trusting him till I meet d right man for me…..

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