THE 360 DEGREE LADY 2 by Ruth Asake

I was going through my Bible stories and I came across the story of Rebekah; Isaac’s wife. You remember that woman?

Abraham sent one of his most trusted servants to find a wife for his son Isaac. That sounds awkward right? Finally he reached a city called Nahor where he stopped at a well for water because his animals were thirsty. The servant prayed to God to help him find the right wife for Isaac and he said, “when the women are coming to get water from the well, show me the lady who is the right wife for Isaac. Let it be the woman who is offering me and the camels water to drink.”

Just then a lovely lady came to the well and her name was Rebekah. First, Rebekah offered water to the servant and then she also helped him give water to the camels. The servant kept looking at Rebekah. Now, he knew she will be a good wife for Isaac because God had chosen her…..the story goes on.

Dear 360 Degree lady, from the aforementioned it is evident that you need to have attributes of a good wife before he finds you. The virtues of a good woman should be evident in you, you should not be rude and insensitive. I’m not saying you should be a fool or be clueless, No! Be versatile. Who says Rebekah didn’t have a BSc. or even a Masters degree, skills and more? You can have all these and be good.

This singular reason will evoke your recommendation and commendation by others not as if your life depends on what people say about you, but to some extent it does. You don’t have to please everyone but have a good biography. My dear, this surpasses the aim of ending up as a wife. Oh no! It goes beyond that, being a good woman also reflects in your relationship with God because your spirituality is not just an aspect of your life, it comprises your character and every other thing about you.

Now, we tend to set certain standards which explain the reason for our attitude and hence the ways we treat people especially these dudes. Permit me to add that sometimes these standards are way too high. Oo oh! Did I touch the wrong nerve? Okay, let me explain, I know every confident woman should have a standard like she should have principles she works with and all of that. Yes, it’s beautiful in fact it is essential but what of respect?

These standards become a problem when we let ourselves to be fixed in a box, the box where every corner is sealed and we do not give rooms for considerations whatsoever. I’m talking about the kind of box that shuts everyone out completely, the box that causes us to set standards that are not in agreement with the scripture, standards that make us treat people with so much spite and disgust, standards that do not allow us to love sincerely, you shouldn’t settle for less at all, but don’t set standards that have now become the new still small voice that we do not even heed to the word anymore.

 It is disheartening because we have lost the real idea of love; we forget that until people relate or communicate with us, the true definition of beauty is not realized. You don’t need to pretend about being a good girl, be a good girl for yourself and for Christ. Be someone who has integrity in fact, integrity is who you are privately and publicly so cut yourself some slack, breathe the free air it’s fresh as well.

In continuation, Rebekah offered the servant water and then she helped him to give water to the camels. The servant kept looking at Rebekah now, she was that a mere servant realized. Did God have to tell him that her name will be Rebekah? I don’t think so. Did God describe her looks? I don’t think so too. I want to believe she was beautiful in all sense of the word. Figure eight intact, slim waist and long hair but her character said more. There was a blend of character to that of a typical good woman so, the servant didn’t even need to be skeptical. He knew this was the woman.

 I’m not saying all that there is to life is marriage. No! You have your purpose to pursue which is the very essence of life, we could be saved but yet social and smart, it’s not always about the show up and forgetting that you are first a godly girl, a good woman. Sometimes, we have to forget what is trending and do what is right. The woman God desires you to be is the one who despite her classy hair do, make-up on fleek, sweet dresses and heels still sees someone in need and is able to extend a hand in love with no grudges. A lady who is welcoming, a lady who gets wisdom in all her getting gets understanding, she never fails because the Spirit of God is within her.

 I dare you to be that lady, do not forget who the Lord desires you to be all in the quest to be the diva the world wants you to be, you are called to a life of balance, go around the circle and make sure you strengthen your weaknesses, don’t build on them because the society says “it’s okay to be bad sometimes.” Keep being a better 360 degree lady and never relent.

Written by: Ruth Asake


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      Our relationship with God affects every areas of our lives.
      If we have a poor relationship with God, it can definitely affect our nature: good or bad.

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