The name “Ruth” is of Hebrew origin and it means, companion, compassionate Friend and vision of beauty. In this chapter, we are going to be considering the Moabites in the Old Testament who was Naomi’s daughter-in-law. Was there anything significant about her? What business does she have with this movement?

You see, a 360 degree lady is not that flawless or perfect as expected, but she tries. She is someone that has been broken. This woman has fallen so many times but she doesn’t dare remain on the spot. She’s always found rising or moving. A 360 degree lady knows pain, agony and trauma. In fact, they often offer her company, but you know, she resists them. A 360 degree lady is resilient, you often meet her on her feet and even when she’s bent, she’s bent to her maker, she’s bent on him making her better and stronger.

The amiable Moabite “Ruth” is a typical example. Ruth’s situation was catastrophic as narrated in scripture. She was a young widow who had lost her husband at a very early age, they didn’t even have children. It was apparent that her marriage ended before it even started. One would expect that Ruth would be broken beyond repair. Yes, she was broken. Yes, she was traumatized. But did it rid her off her destiny? No, it didn’t. She made up her mind even when Orphah, the other daughter-in-law kissed Naomi good bye, Ruth clung to Naomi, she never gave up.

A 360 degree lady is loyal. Just like Ruth, she keeps to her word. She doesn’t say one thing this minute and something else the next minute. No! Ruth clung to Naomi, an expression of loyalty and devotion. A 360 degree lady stands for something, she doesn’t stand for everything but she stands for the right things and she’s devoted to them.

Ladies, sometimes we waste our loyalty and devotion on the wrong things. Yes, the wrong things, the wrong relationships, the wrong people and at the end of the day we get exasperated. It gets to the point where we categorize everything as “not worthy of our loyalty “so sad! 

Ruth was really hardworking; she wasn’t just hardworking she was prudent. This explains why she went to the field to glean   among the ears of grain. Another woman would have fidgeted, coupling with the fact that she was still mourning and had just moved to the city. A 360 degree lady doesn’t just sit and wait for a man to work and foot her bills. She sets out. She uses her hands to work because she understands that except, she is married, no man is under obligation to pay her bills. No man owes her anything if he’s not her father or husband. She knows that very well.

It was Ruth’s hard work that made her find favour. Despite the fact that she was a foreigner, Ruth added hard work to her good character. This made Boaz,the Wealthy man with the field to be pleased with her. He had no choice than to favour her. This is complimentary because she had found favour first in the sight of God. So, she made the most of her privilege.

A 360 degree lady’s hard work triggers her favour. It’s in this kind of situation that we begin to question the exception of some ladies, we wonder why everything they do stand out. Little do we know, that they pay prices. They work really hard so, their success is well deserved. Talking about success, we shouldn’t also forget that success is beyond prosperity in finance.

Ruth was worth more than seven sons to her mother-in-law. Ruth was a companion. She was a friend. She was someone you could easily talk to. She comforted Naomi and made her feel safe. This also made Boaz comfortable with her. A 360 degree lady is friendly, Irrespective of the status she attains. She gives listening ears to those around her and a shoulder with which they could cry.

“Wash therefore and anoint yourself, put your cloak and go down to the threshing floor, but do not make yourself known to the man until he had finished drinking…..” Naomi commanded. So, Ruth went to the threshing floor and did just as her mother- in-law commanded her. It’s no news that Ruth was totally obedient. Did you hear me say obedient? Yes, not just Obedient but totally obedient.  Girls, this is where we err often. We are expected to obey our maker, we are expected to obey our parents and leaders as well but we are way too grown up to be limited by some set of dumb rules and regulations. A 360 degree lady is “helplessly obedient”. This is not for us to gamble at all. Little wonder, we do things the way we feel and when it backfires, we run back in tears. Obedience to authority and ultimately to God is imperative ladies, let’s learn to obey.

The Exceptional Lady _ Ruth Asake

And yes, not forgetting the first line of the preceding paragraph. “Wash therefore and anoint yourself, put on your cloak…. “. You shouldn’t be that lady that focuses on other areas of her life and neglects her look. Well, that’s untypical of a lady but it’s a reminder. Dear Lady, looking and smelling good is said to be a good business. Even when you get married and the kids start to come, while you strive for greatness, being all hardworking and loyal, never should you forget to look beautiful. For a lady, getting good clothes, hair and cosmetic is a huge investment. Don’t you ever be found wanting. You are loved!

Written by Ruth Asake


  1. John Peter

    Well said, keep the good work and pray for more wisdom and knowledge to accomplish your dream. This piece served as a reminder to the female folk, it’s time for them to discover there God’s given potential and hit the ground running so that no Man will take them for granted. To the writer, three gbosa for you. I suggest you write a book with title ” 360 Degree Lady”. God will make provision for fund to publish it.

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