He came when I was desperate to have a God-fearing guy, a faithful guy, a prayer partner, a caring bobo😘 and someone I can trust with all my heart.

On that faithful day, he went to my uncle’s office and he was going through my uncle’s gallery.  Luckily for him, he saw my beautiful picture and he was just looking at it all over and over again until my uncle noticed his mood.

My uncle asked him, “what are you looking at in my phone?”

Mr. man said, I have seen my lost rib on your phone.

My uncle laughed 😆.

He told my uncle that, he had been on a 3 day dry fasting and prayers asking God for a life partner and the Holyspirit led him to go to my uncle’s office, pick his phone and check his gallery.  “I had seen other ladies’ pictures on your uncle’s phone. But immediately I saw yours, Holyspirit spoke to me quickly that she is the missing rib”.

His watch word is, “if God can save his soul, he can give him a good wife.”

My uncle called me immediately and told me “someone saw your picture on my phone and the person likes you”.

I started asking my uncle series of questions like, “I hope he’s God fearing, prayerful,  mature, Intelligent, the kind of work he does for a living and even though I’m short, I like a tall and huge guy.

Immediately, my uncle answered the questions and I told my uncle to give him my number.

Mr. man started calling me every minute😘 of course that was what I wanted but me too needed to do shakara small😆…lol

Relationship that was not up to a month,  Mr. man requested to meet with my parents and I was like, “who does that?” Eventually, I brought him to my parents and my parents accepted him and they both prayed for us.

He took me to his parents too and they also accepted me and prayed for us.

“EKITI GUYS ARE THE BEST” They are just too good.

He introduced me to his pastor and I also introduced him to my pastor and the both of them gave us go ahead and they both prayed for us.

Distance is not a barrier in a relationship, communication is the effective key.

Relationship with my Main man❤ has been the best.

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