Can anything good come out of Nazareth? they say. But something good came out of Whatsapp for me.

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone of the house.

For many single ladies, when reading a book on relationship or listening to a message and the writer/speaker mentions how intertwined “Purpose and Marriage” are, they are simply turned off.

“Let the man come first, I will focus on purpose”, many will say.

They usually forget that Boaz did not meet Ruth at home but at the field. This is another blog post anyway. Let’s read my love story only.

So, as at December 2017, I had had an online ministry (Ladies With Difference) for four years. Since, I had a number of audiences on Whatsapp, my status was a good place to pour out my thoughts often and that struck a conversation between myself and Esther Bamiloshin (now Solarin) one day. She later invited me to speak at her online relationship conference, 411. Since my passion was to see that the truth is spread, I obliged. There was a pre-conference platform for the speakers to share their notes and pray. Ayodeji Bamisaye (My husband) was also one of the speakers and was part of that group. I only appreciated all the speakers at the end of the conference but did not pay attention to anyone of them in particular.

About a week after the conference, a new number called me one night and introduced himself as Bamisaye Ayodeji, one of the speakers at 411. I was surprised but after few minutes of speaking with him that night, it felt like I just spoke with a long-time friend. I saved his contact too and we checked up on one another once in a while. He caught my attention more when he offered me an online date one day and I agreed to it. (Online date was the option because I was in Abuja and he was in Lagos – several miles apart!)

Our online date was on Whatsapp and this man was able to keep me glued to my phone laughing seriously for about two hours. He painted so much pictures that it began to feel like a real date. I enjoyed it and that raised his place in my heart (as a friend though). After that night, I had to go online to check all his profiles that I could access. We chatted more often after then and I felt peace. At this point, he clearly “friendzoned” me. He made his intention known that he wanted nothing but friendship. In fact, he was in love with another lady entirely although the lady did not love him. I accepted the friendship and was available to offer advice on how to go with the lady. I even made him buy her a cake on her birthday.

Ayodeji and Ifeoluwa

Prior to this, I had had a number of guys ask me out most of which were pastors but I could not get myself to like any of them. I had gone to the mountain to pray over it one Saturday morning when the Lord said to me, “None of them is the one. When the right one comes, you will be convinced and not confused.” That was the Word for me and it made me focus on serving God more.

Few weeks after I became friends with Ayodeji, the Lord began to lead me to pray for him and His family. I was surprised but I did not argue. Ayodeji on the other hand had asked God for a life partner at Shiloh and was trusting God for the manifestation. One thing led to the other with the lady he loved and they went their separate ways. He went to pray again and realized he had “friendzoned” his wife…lol.

We naturally grew to be friends. The day we shared our vision with one another, I knew in my Spirit that this is the man. Even before we met physically in Lagos two months later, I had prayed, involved my spiritual friends and leaders and was convinced. I travelled to Lagos for a cause and we maximized the opportunity to meet physically. Even after his own convictions, he did not ask me out online. He planned a movie date at Ikeja City Mall, gave me a gift with a pack of chocolate and a letter. Then boom, he confessed his love.

I didn’t need to wait for several months when I was already convinced. I gave my “Yes” before I left Lagos because I did not want to do it over the phone. The rest they say is history.

Ayodeji is “My Mr. Perfect”. He is divinely customized for me. I didn’t have any reason to reject his marriage proposal a year after we commenced our love journey. Introduction took place in July, 2019 and wedding happened on the 16th of November, 2019. It has been a very sweet journey with the help of God, the third person in our union.

The best Person to give you a perfect man is God. There are good men everywhere but God’s sons are the best of them. God forever remains the best love story writer!


Ifeoluwa Bamisaye


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