I met my husband in the campus fellowship where we were both leaders. Before then, I resigned from anything called dating. Dating never favoured me and was taking a lot from me even as a believer with determination to maintain chastity. I was already a believer and as I grew in faith, I realized that what I needed was to discover God for myself, avoid every form of distractions, discover my purpose, build myself and focus on my education.

So, while in school, from the end of my 200 level till years after my NYSC, specifically 2019, that was about 8 years, I was completely off anything relationship. I was lost with serving God and equipping myself.

When I was finally ready to get married, alas! I did not see any serious man interested in me. Not that men were not coming. But I did not see my future in those who came around.

Meanwhile, in school during my 400 level, because I had been praying concerning my life partner, God started showing me the nature of the man I was going to marry and his calling. I was initially thinking it was someone else. Simultaneously, I was serving with my husband as Scripture Union Campus Fellowship Okigwe Regional Secretary then while he served as the President.

But in the course of service, I never thought nor imagined he was the person God was showing me and I never saw him as the kind of man I would want to marry. I also did not imagine that he would even be interested in my kind of person. Meanwhile, I did not know that he had already started getting the leading that I was going to be his wife. He kept fighting it till we passed out, graduated and went on with our lives. Even though we communicated like ordinary brethren and as ex-officials that we were, my husband did not show nor indicated in any way that he was interested in me till 6 years later after getting his leading. That was December 2018. According to him, he was proof testing the leading for his conviction.

All the while, I was troubling God in prayers. There were times I was discouraged, devil had to remind me that most of my mates were all married. He tormented me to cause fear and doubt God’s ability to fulfill his promises. He gave me reasons to wonder if serving God pays. But I kept trusting God. I kept studying God’s promises and praying in line with those promises. I also had that inner witness that I was going to be married no matter how hard the devil tries. Meanwhile, God was pulling me through a lot of dealings. During those times, I received the directive to write the book I presented on my wedding day ” PROLONGED SINGLEHOOD; MYSTERY DEMISTIFIED” . You will do well to get a copy for yourself and friends that you think may need it. That year I had suitors coming but no conviction.

By December 2018, my husband called me casually and told me he would want to see me. I was surprised because I couldn’t imagine why he would appear suddenly to want to see me. Anyway, after much questions and he opened up to me of his intention. I was angry with him as well as confused at the same time because at that time, there was a brother I was already praying about and actually getting close to saying yes to. I had to tell both of them to give me time to pray about it.

At that point, God started reminding me of his promises and those insights he gave me concerning my future husband. After 2 weeks, I got my clarity and asked him to book an appointment to come and see my pastor. That was how he was interviewed by my pastor and I took him to my family and we went through His Church and Scripture Union marriage counseling committee interview before he officially proposed and we started the processes that led to our wedding.

Are you in a dilemma whether you will ever marry?

Is the devil flaunting it in front of you that everyone else is married except you?

Are you wondering how and when it is going to happen?

It’s the devil threatening you with your current condition?

Are you afraid of history repeating itself, probably no body have married in your family or all your siblings married late?

Relax. Right now, God is not walking about the floor of heaven in confusion concerning your marital settlement. He has already put everything in place awaiting the right timing. It is already a finished script with your name tag.

God is never late. Don’t be in a hurry to marry at your own timing. Understand God’s specific leading for your own life, walk with him and trust him to perfect all that matters to you including your marital settlement, and see Him glorify Himself in your life. Today, we are married and seeing others marry. You too must marry as the Lord lives.

I wish you God’s marital blessings.

Mr & Mrs Chimezie

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