It all started from a WhatsApp group, and yes, I’m not kidding. Being a computer person who spends majority of his time in front of the PC, I rarely go out to socialize except for choir rehearsals at the Faith Tabernacle, Living Faith Church Ota.

My friend Esther Bamiloshin (Now Solarin) had invited me to speak on her programme 411, an online relationship programme so we were added to a WhatsApp group for facilitators to discuss our notes and plans for the programme and that was how I met my wife.

Her story fascinated me and also the way she spoke with zeal and zest. I also liked the name Ifeoluwa (love of God). At that point, I was even assuming she was older than myself because of her carriage so I simply just let her be.

After the programme, I saved her number and didn’t contact her after then until about a week or so after the programme then I mustered up courage to call her and introduced myself.

That would be the first time I would be hearing her voice on phone and that was even more fascinating, so I just gisted for a few minutes and called it an evening.

Ayodeji and Ifeoluwa Bamisaye

The following weeks were just like every other week for me because then I was head over heels for another lady. I liked the other lady and wanted to settle down with her but she wasn’t ready then probably because of the age difference (I was about 7 years older ) so obviously we were in different phases of our lives.

All the while I was still talking to my wife few times, then gradually we became quite close but even at that I wasn’t sure because I felt she would be older than I was so I just played along as good friends until the day she told me her age, that was just the only thing I needed to finalize my conviction.

She had a cause to come down to Lagos in February and I didn’t hesitate to maximize the opportunity to ask her out. She said yes afterwards and we officially established a relationship after all convictions.

Our relationship lasted for 1 year, 8 months and we got married on the 16th of November 2019.

Mr. Ayodeji Bamisaye

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