It’s said, “there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance”. She came as an intern and hated me for the singular impression of a junior subordinate feeling a superior manager is proud! And I on the other hand kept wondering how could this “Mountain Of fire” girl not have proper manners that she cannot even greet? In a way, I also did not like her much since I suspected she must be really bad mannered and rude, hence, avoided even interaction except when necessary as the work demands.

Then, I traveled out of the country for sometime and came back to meet her again. Upon my return, I was given a new responsibility which required an assistant and someone to train on the job also. As fate will have it, she was the same person to be given the opportunity & role. When she started working directly with me, she suddenly discovered the person she hated so much was an entirely different person but just very disciplined and principled.

Ruben and Abimbola

But today this is her testimony as captured in her letter to me…

♥ It’s funny how you could go through life not knowing what real love is. But this indescribable feeling I’ve never felt before. I guess this is what it’s like to be with a real man.

♥ Would it be crazy for me to tell you within this sweet love message that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me or ever will? Because I look at where we are now, where I’m coming from, you’ve taken me a long way with your love, counsel, advice, support and I simply don’t know if I could ever feel this way for another. I love you from here to the moon and back.

_Ruben and Abimbola

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